Amy’s Free Ideas

Crafts for Adults by Material

These crafts take more time to complete than crafts for kids, so most kids will tire of the project before it is done. However, if it is broken up into shorter sessions, children can do most of these projects as well. If your child is good at making things, and enjoys the process, these may be just right for her as well.

Paper and Cardboard

Fabric, Felt, Yarn, and Ribbon




Clay or modeling compound

Basic Techniques to use With Paper and Cardboard

Paper Party Decorations

Paper Decorations by Season

Paper Cards by Season

Use one  Pattern to make 4 Paper crafts: Christmas Tree Ornament or gift tag

Or Make a Bulletin Board for Sunday School

Or use the pattern to make Christmas Cards



Use Foam to make a simple nativity set...

to use as a Bath Toy--the pieces stick to the wall when wet

or make it into Magnet Nativity Set for a decoration for your refrigerator, or for your toddler to play with as you make dinner...

or make it into a Centerpiece or a decoration for a sideboard or shelf



Make a Wooden nativity set with popsicle sticks and wooden shapes

4 Ways to make a Felt nativity set: As a Christmas Tree Ornament...

Or as an Interactive Felt Book to tell your Children the Christmas story

or as a Mini Banner

or as an Advent Calendar



Cardboard Toys