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Make a whole nativity scene for a bulletin board using these figures. Add some trees, bushes and a building to make it look like scenery. Then make sheep and shepherds, and an angel to depict the story of the angel announcing Jesus’ birth. Then make camels, and wise men to depict the part of the story when the wise men followed the star to find Jesus. Download the patterns and cut out all the shapes. Fasten them to the bulletin board with a stapler or stick them to a background sheet with double stick tape. Make this into a classroom project by giving each child one or more figures to cut out and assemble.

How to Make the Bulletin Board and Figures

The angel has 2 wings, and the head separate from the body. The sheep’s heads need to be attached--the sheep with only 2 legs, is a front view, so the head should go in the middle of the top of the body (top right), but the 2 sheep with 4 legs are side view, so the head should be attached to one end or the other.

These extra pieces require some assembly The building’s dome is cut from the doorway on the “ground floor.” Then cut 2 strips of paper as decorations for the large done, and one strip each for the 2 small domes.

Choose one of these barns to finish off the bulletin board

brown  figures

white  figures