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Materials Needed

  1. 1.Dark green felt background

  2. 2.2 bamboo skewers or dowels

  3. 3.4 wooden beads

  4. 4.Red ribbon or string to hang the banner

  5. 5.Fabric glue or all purpose white glue. Adults might prefer a glue gun. See more glue options on the foam page.

How to Make the Banner

  1. 1.Cut the dowels/skewers wider than of the felt--long enough to hold the wooden beads on either side of the banner.

  2. 2.Put glue on the end of a skewer and slide one of the wooden beads onto the end. Repeat with the other 3 beads.

  3. 3.Spread a thin line of glue along both ends of the felt and fold it over the dowels. Press and hold in place with a heavy object, such as a book, until it dries.

  4. 4.Glue the barn with figures onto the mini banner.

  5. 5.Tie a ribbon or string to both ends of the top dowel to hang the banner.

Optional alternative method: Sew a hem on the top and bottom edges. Slide the dowels through this channel, then glue the beads to the ends of the dowels.

How to cut bamboo skewers

Use pliers to bend the skewer until it cracks, then bend it back the other way. Bend again until it breaks. Trim splinters with a pair of scissors.

Note: If you try to break it with your hands, it may not break where you want it, or be as clean a break. Pliers enable you to break it precisely where you want it broken.

Adding a background to this simple nativity scene turns it into a mini banner. Using bamboo skewers and wooden beads from the dollar store keeps it fairly simple to make, and inexpensive as well.