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When deciding what colors of felt to use, remember the background it will be against. The first sample I made was dark brown for the barn, and light brown for the roof. But when I put it against the  dark green mini banner (shown below), it almost disappeared. So I reversed the colors, and now it stands out clearly. Fasten the pieces together with fabric glue or all purpose white glue, but use it sparingly--if the glue soaks through to the front, it doesn’t look very nice!! Kids can use a toothpick to apply the glue around the edges of each piece. Felt can be a bit tricky to cut, so in a classroom situation, it may be best to cut all the pieces beforehand. The kids can assemble it as the craft. It is an even easier craft if you can find pre-cut felt pieces with adhesive backing,  Many craft stores (and sometimes dollar stores) sell packs of shapes.

Make a Hanger

Since felt tends to stretch out of shape over time, make a wire hanger to help it keep it’s shape. Most dollar stores, craft stores, and hardware stores carry wire that is easy to bend. Use wire cutters or needle nosed pliers to cut the wire, or break it by bending it back and forth. Twist the wire in the middle (to put a loop of thread through to hang it) then curl both ends of the wire( so they don’t catch on things.)

Felt Mini Banner

Add a green background to transform this ornament into a mini banner.

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Felt Nativity Book

Make an interactive felt book to share the Christmas story with your toddler.

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Advent Calendar

Use the same pattern to make lots of figures and assemble a whole advent calendar or large banner.

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3 Ways to Use the Felt Nativity Figures

How to Make the Felt Barn and Figures

Materials Needed


  1. 1.Light brown felt rectangle for barn

  2. 2.Dark brown roof

  3. 3.2 yellow stars (one to go on the roof, and another to be the straw in the manger

  4. 4.Brown square for the manger


  1. 1.Blue rounded rectangle for Joseph

  2. 2.Red rounded rectangle for Mary

  3. 3.Orange heart for Mary’s headdress

  4. 4.Small white oval for Baby Jesus

  5. 5.2 small circles for faces for Mary and Joseph and a tiny circle for the baby

  6. beard and mustache for Joseph (shown on the barn)

How to Assemble:

  1. 1.Glue the faces onto the bodies. Mary’s face should be glued to the upside down heart that will make the headdress.

  2. 2.Glue the headdress onto Mary’s body.

  3. 3.Glue on Joseph’s beard just below the face, then the mustache on top of the face and beard.

  4. 4.Glue the baby onto one star (straw).

  5. 5.Glue the straw onto the manger.

  6. 6.Glue Joseph and Mary onto the barn.

  7. 7.Glue the manger on top of Mary and Joseph.

  8. 8.Glue the roof onto the barn.

  9. 9.Glue the second star onto the roof.