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Make an interactive felt Christmas book to use with your toddler. Plan the pages on paper, then make them out of felt. Keep it simple with just 3 scenes--Jesus’ birth, the angel appears to the shepherds, and the wise men give gifts to Jesus. Or make it more elaborate to include the angel appearing to Mary, then to Joseph, and Jesus dedicated at the temple, etc. Then make some of the figures into finger puppets instead of gluing them to the page. Your child can walk Mary and Joseph through the story.

This 2 page spread depicts the angel telling the shepherds about the birth of the Messiah, Jesus.

This scene depicts the shepherds finding and worshiping Jesus.

Here the wise men follow the star from the east to give gifts to Jesus.

Fasten the angel to a black ribbon or piece of felt that is fastened to the back of the book. Flip it into the scene each time an angel appears.

Make some of the figures into finger puppets in one of two ways:

  1. 1.Glue the figures to dollar store gloves

  2. 2.Make each figure with 2 layers of felt instead of one. Glue or sew the layers together so that they can be slipped over your child’s fingers. You may need to make the figures a little bit wider to allow for the seam fastening the front and back together.

Bind the pages of the book together in one of 3 ways:

  1. 1.Punch 2 holes in each page and tie them together with a ribbon.

  2. 2.Sew a seam through all the layers.

  3. 3.Glue one page on top of the other on the far left edge.

Another way to make the figures interactive, instead of finger puppets, is to use them like an old fashioned flannel board. Your child can move the figures, then stick them onto the scene--they will stay in place since they are made of felt. Sew or glue ribbons to the figures to keep them from getting lost.

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brown  figures

white  figures

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