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Kids love to be able to handle things--they learn by doing. But so many nativity sets are delicate so they are not allowed to play with them. This is a set they can play with. Since they have magnets on the back, the refrigerator is the first place you think of using them. This is a great idea because they can double as Christmas decorations for the kitchen. But that is not the only surface they can stick to. Cookie sheets and whiteboards make this set mobile, so your kids can play with it in the car, or you can take it to teach Sunday school. You can make simple backgrounds for the various scenes out of colored paper, or let the kids draw the backgrounds. You can use it as a review activity after the lesson by letting the kids take turns retelling the story, or you can tell it , but leave out bits, or make mistakes so the kids have to catch the mistakes or omissions. This is so much more fun than answering questions, which feels like school! You could even combine the figures with maps so the kids can plot the course the individuals took as the stories unfold during the advent season. Since they are magnets, no harm is done to the maps. You can draw simple maps if you don’t have any real maps that would work.

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brown  figures

white  figures