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How to Make the Nativity Scene into Christmas Cards

How to Make Envelopes for your Christmas Cards

Make a Tri-fold Christmas Card

3 Ways to Fold the Tri-fold Card to Display as a Decoration

Fold a piece of black or navy blue card stock in thirds. Fasten a barn and figures to the front with glue stick or double stick tape.

Fold a sheet of colored card stock in half. Trim half an inch (2 cm.) off of the bottom and side of the card (NOT the folded side, of course!) Hand write “Merry Christmas” on the front of the card, or write the message on your computer and print it out on your printer before folding and adding the paper embellishments. If you want the barn and figures to be a Christmas tree ornament, add a ribbon or thread to the barn, and write instructions for how to pull it off of the front of the card.

view how to make the barn and figures

Note: Card stock is heavy paper or paper that is stiffer than copier paper--it can stand up without flopping over.

Note: If you can’t buy heavy paper, fold regular weight paper in quarters. If you do this, however, the barn and figure pattens will have to be reduced to fit, since the card will be half the size of the downloadable patterns.

Note: Below are instructions for making envelopes in two different ways.  The first if for the trimmed card described above, and the second way is to accommodate a card that is folded in half but not trimmed.

Add 2 wise men and and camel to the second flap.

Write a Christmas message onto a piece of white or lighter colored paper and glue it into the middle panel. Another option is to write the message with a pen especially made to draw on black paper.

Finish the card by gluing figures onto the back panel--shepherds, a sheep, and an angel.

Use the card as a candle stand with an electric candle. Use a tack to poke holes in the night sky so the light shines through the holes like stars in the night sky. Be sure to use a piece of corrugated cardboard or a cutting board to protect surfaces when you poke the holes.

Tape the card on the inside to hold it in it’s triangular shape as a candle stand centerpiece. If you send this card to a friend, be sure to jot a note with instructions on how to use it.

1. This envelope is made to fit the exact size of the card. Lay the card about one inch from the right side, and centered between the top and bottom.

2. Fold the left side of the paper over the whole card.

3. Fold the right side over the card as the envelope flap.

4. Fold the top and bottom over the card.

5. Open all the folds and remove the card.

6. Cut off the 4 corners along the fold lines, as shown in the photo.

7. Use the glue stick cap or other round object to draw each corner rounded.

8. Cut each corner rounded.

9. Glue the left side of the envelope to the flaps. Check to make sure that nothing but the flaps get glued, or you won’t be able to put the card in the envelope.

10. Address the envelope before inserting the card since it will be hard to write on once the card is inside the envelope. Slip the signed card into the envelope. Glue the flap shut.

11. Fasten the card shut with a sticker as an alternative way to seal the envelope.

1. This envelope is made for cards that have been folded in half or thirds, but are not trimmed. Lay the card about one inch from the right side, and lined up with the top and bottom (there is no room for side flaps.)

2. Fold the left side of the paper over the whole card.

3. Fold the right side over the card as the envelope flap.

4. Glue the flap shut, or use stickers to seal it.

5. Use stickers the same color as the paper to seal both open ends--half of the sticker on the front, and half on the back. 3 stickers were used on one end in the photo.

accordion style--one side folded forward, the other one back

triptych style--both side panels folded forward

centerpiece style--folded into a triangle so each side is seen from a different direction

How to Make Envelopes for your Christmas Cards