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This set is the simplest of the 3 foam options because you just cut out the pieces. Well, you do have to glue the faces on. Make sure the wall is wet, and the figures will stick! Let the kids play with it in the bath when they are young. Then when they outgrow bath toys, adapt it to make it into a centerpiece that can be enjoyed at any age. If you want to do this, be especially careful to not let mold grow on them--rinse and dry them off after each bath. A mesh bag makes a handy storage container to hang from a towel rack or shower curtain rail. Dollar stores often sell mesh bags (that are used for laundering delicate clothing.)

If you can’t buy foam sheets, this craft can also be made out of paper. Just cover each figure in clear contact paper on both sides. Be careful not to get any holes in the contact paper, or the water can get through to the paper and get moldy. Laminating would be another option. You could put the figures in zip-lock bags because they will stick to a wet wall, too. It’s just not as fun to arrange groups of figures as each one individually.

Cut the two parts of the domed building according to the pattern. Glue the dome on top  of the rest of the building with a strip of foam to cover the seam.

Optional: Glue more strips to the tops of each dome for decoration.

brown  figures

white  figures

green  figures