Amy’s Free Ideas

Crafts for Adults:

These take more time to complete than crafts for kids, so most kids will tire of these projects before they are completed. However, if the project is broken up into shorter sessions, children can do most of these projects as well, especially if the child is good at making things, and enjoys the process.

These crafts take more time to complete than Sunday school crafts, and the materials cost a bit more. These crafts are good for use in homes,  for homeschooling, and in camps because families and camps don’t have the tight time and cost constraints that Sunday schools have.

Crafts for Kids:

These crafts are quick, and use materials that  are cheap, so they are well suited for Sunday school or Bible clubs. They can be used in the home as well.

Sunday School Crafts for Kids:

Crafts for Boys

Girls will enjoy these, too, but most crafts are geared more toward girls, so here are some crafts that boys will enjoy.