Amy’s Free Ideas

Decorate-the-Christmas-Tree Game

Use office stickers to decorate trees to keep score.

Christmas Present Game Scorer

Everyone likes to get presents--use them to count the  points

Star Puzzle Game Scorer

Use triangles or diamonds to keep score with game questions. Add the challenge of arranging the pieces into a star

Sheep Game Scorer

Count sheep to keep track of the score.

3 Card Games for Young Children

Collect cards to keep score



Christmas Rummy Card Game

Use the cards in a Rummy-style game.

Nativity Scene Game Scorer

Award one figure for each correctly answered question--the team with the most complete nativity scene wins.

Christmas Bingo

Mix and match pictures to make a different game board for each child.

These games are ways to review the Christmas story. If you don’t have questions of your own, click on the “Choose Questions” button

Amazing Race : Christmas version

Each team tries to reach Bethlehem first, while facing challenges.

Triangle Game challenge

Each team races to be the first team to answer all the questions correctly. They unfold the triangle to see each succeeding question.

Games for Kindergarden:

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Games for Elementary:

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Games for Middle School:

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