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Rummy-style Card Game

The object of the game is to collect all 4 cards from one of the 4 Christmas accounts--1) Jesus’ birth, 2)the shepherds were informed, 3) the wisemen bring gifts, and 4) Anna and Simeon see Jesus in the temple. (each row of pictures on the downloadable sheets is one set of 4 cards, for a total of 4 sets.) Deal 4 cards to each child. Put remaining cards in a pile face down on the table. Turn the top card face up to begin the discard pile beside it. On each turn, one card will be collected, and one card will be discarded. The first person to collect 4 cards of one set, wins. There are three ways for a player to get a card--the player can ask any other player for a particular card, or, can take the face up card, or can take a chance with the top card from the face down stack. After getting a card, the player discards one card in the face-up pile, and the next person takes a turn.

How to make the cards:

  1. 1.Print out either the colored or black and white sheets for the cards. Print them on card stock. If copier paper is the only option, cover the backs of the cards with colored contact paper so the pictures don’t show through to the back side of the cards.

  2. 2.Cut the cards on the lines. Trim any cards that are bigger than the others. (if you put the contact paper on before you cut them, you only have to cut the cards once!)

  3. 3.Make enough cards so that there is one set of 4 for each child, and some extras for the discard pile.

This game is good to play with children who arrive before the class begins, or if you run out of things to do at the end of class because the pastor preached too long. However, if you want a way to use the cards to review questions, let the children collect one card for each question answered correctly. The team with the most cards at the end of the game, wins.

view review questions for the Christmas story for Elementary children

Downloadable Sheets