Amy’s Free Ideas
More Father’s Day CardsFathers_Day_Cards_for_Kids_to_Make_II.html

Make a spinner for Dad so he can choose which special treatment he will get for Father’s Day.

Fold a sheet of colored paper in half to form the card.

Cut a spinner out of stiff paper. You can use all kinds of things to make a circle pattern-- a can, cup, glass, or lid that is the right size to fit on the card. If you use shiny paper,  it helps the spinner spin more easily.

Cut a smaller circle out of shiny paper, and use a hole punch to make a hole in the middle.

To make the colored triangles for the spinner, cut a circle out of copier paper. Fold it in half, then in half again (in quarters) then in half again (in eighths.) Cut out one “pizza slice” along the fold lines.

Use this pattern to cut 8 “pizza slices” out of 8 colors of paper (or 4 colors, with 2 of each color.) Glue them to the dull side of the shiny circle. Trim any edges that stick out past the edge of the spinner.

Write the favors now, because it will be hard to write them after the straws are glued on. Some ideas for favors Dad might like: bake cookies, shine shoes, foot massage, wash car, etc.

Poke a hole in the middle of the spinner with a tack, metal skewer, needle or compass. Make the hole bigger with a pencil.

Poke a hole in the top layer of the card.

Cut a plastic drinking straw into 8 pieces (1/2 inch each or 2 cm.).

Make a flapper from a piece of paper like the one shown above.

Another option is to glue a straw to the card (not to the spinner like the other ones) and put a piece of tape on the straw--fold the tape back on itself so it is not sticky.

Push the brad through the hole, and spread the legs out flat.  If you have trouble making the spinner spin, take the brad back out and make the hole in the spinner bigger. Also, make sure the brad is not fastened too tightly, because that could make the spinner hard to spin, too.

Glue one section of straw to each of the colored “pizza slices.” A glue gun is probably the easiest way to glue them on.

Poke the smaller circle onto the brad on the backside of the colorful circle.

Poke a brad (paper fastener) through the hole.

Flick one of the straws to make it spin.