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It’s pretty easy for fathers to throw a ball or shoot some hoops with their sons, but most fathers have no idea how to build a relationship with their daughters. So if you have a daughter in elementary or middle school, this book would be a great gift for your husband. It has 88 fun,


easy ideas, so if he uses one idea per month for 4 years, he would only use about half of the ideas! Even if you have to read this book for him, then tell him about one or two ideas, then collect any needed materials for him, it is still TOTALLY worth it!! Doing this for him is empowering your husband to have a strong relationship with your daughter that will last a lifetime. I wish we had had this book when our girls were young. My husband did start taking our girls out when they were 4 years old, but it was always the same thing--going out for a dessert. That didn’t seem to bother them, though, because even now that they are grown, they till ask for a Daddy date when they come home to visit.