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This welcome sign has seasonal decorations that are changed every month. So for Father’s Day, I asked our children to make miniatures of all their father’s favorite things. They are made of a lightweight modeling compound like Model Magic (Karui kaminendo)_Then I added a photo of the children--his favorite thing of all.

This banner has 2 parts--the green portion has “Happy Birthday” on the reverse side, so the yellow banner can be used for used for any occasion, simply by changing the message at the top. If banners are made out of felt, you don’t even have to sew them--just glue a seam for the dowel, and decorate with fabric paint. I made a banner for each of our children that I hung on their birthdays and other special days.  I also made this one for my husband (in his favorite color, of course ) since he has a birthday and Father’s Day,

This “You are Special” sign is versatile because it can be used for anyone, on any occasion, and put anywhere. This one is held with a clip that has a suction cup on it, so it can easily be hung in many places--on windows, mirrors, doors, etc. Hang it in a different place each day during the week leading up to Father’s Day, for a surprise message each day. It is easy to make, too--just write your message with fabric paint on a piece of felt, and let it dry.

Father’s Day cards from past years make good decorations for the Father’s Day season. It also helps the children realize that words of affirmation are important to Dad--otherwise he wouldn’t keep them so long, and display them each year.

One year my husband was going to be gone for Father’s Day. So we filled a tiny photo album with photos of his favorite people, and our children wrote love notes to him and slid them into some of the photo pockets. Years later, it still makes a good decoration, and a good reminder of their love and appreciation for him.

Photos of the children with their father make a great decoration for Father’s Day. Although you can change the photos as they get older, the photos are just as much fun to look at as is, and remember how cute they were. These are 100 yen store frames.

These magnet frames are cut from sheet magnets. Buy some at the hundred yen store, cut out a window in the middle, and let the children decorate them with stickers or acrylic paint, or permanent markers. There are some sheet magnets that you can design on the computer, then print directly onto the magnet. Cards from past years can be held by magnets for more decorations.

Write a message on the mirror with soap or lipstick, or whiteboard marker, or window chalk.

Write a message on the tile in the shower with white board marker, or window chalk. They both wash right off.

Write a message on the car window with window chalk. Rain will not wash it off, but it will come off relatively easily if you scrub with water.

Write a message and hang it on the car mirror, dashboard, or steering wheel. Won’t Dad smile when he finds it!

Write  lots of messages, and leave them all over where Dad will find them--in his shoes, in his briefcase, in his suit pocket, on his pillow, in his closet, on the T.V. remote.

Buy one of those sports booster flags that you roll into the car window (sometimes sold at dollar stores) and change it to a Father’s Day message, and put it on the car window. If you can’t find one of those, write a message onto a plastic triangle, and tie it to the car antenna. It will flap in the wind, and look very presidential.

Make a big sign and poke it into the front lawn, or on the fence so all who pass can admire it, and wish the sign were for them!

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Father’s Day decorations are a little bit different from other seasons because their purpose is more for imparting a message, than for their decorative value. So I have included all the things that are looked at as “decorations” even though they might not otherwise be considered decorations.

Write a message on the window with window chalk. Rain will not wash it off, but it will come off relatively easily if you scrub with water.

Father’s Day Decorations