Amy’s Free Ideas

Make a Wallet card:

1. Fold a sheet of black or brown paper in half the long way.

2. Fold a second sheet of black or brown paper, and cut off the excess, so that when you put this in front of the sheet that is folded in half, it forms 2 pockets for “Driver’s license” and “credit cards.”

  1. 4.Glue the sides and bottom edges, but leave a half inch (1-2 cm.) gap without glue in the middle of the bottom edge.

  2. 5.Fold in half, and trim any part of the inside layer that sticks out past the outside layer.

  3. 6.clamp with clothespins or heavy books until the glue dries.

5. Buy play money, or make play money. Turn them into coupons for favors, like shoe shine, wash the car, or foot massage.

6. Draw around a driver’s license and cut out several cards to make driver’s license and credit cards--look at the real ones  for design ideas, but make them say nice things about Dad such as...Thanks for reading me books...You are the best Dad in the world...I love you!

Note: If you want the wallet to stay closed when it is folded, you will need to cut the inside sheets of paper shorter than the outside. But it is less trouble to just make them all the same size, and if you do, it stands up nicely by itself --to look more like a card.

Make a Certificate card:

1. Buy an official looking blank certificate at a dollar store, office supply, paper store, or card shop.

2. Write the certificate as if your dad has won a “Best Father” contest. If you can’t think what to write, look at cards sold in stores for ideas.

3. Make a tube to hold the certificate by covering a potato chip can or plastic wrap tube with wrapping paper, and tie with a ribbon.

4. Roll up the certificate and slide it into the tube.

Make a Puzzle card:

1. Buy a puzzle at a dollar store, craft store, or order on line.

2. Write a letter to your father.

  1. 3.Break up the puzzle and put in an envelope or box.

  2. 4.Delivery can add to the fun--hand Dad one piece of the puzzle each day until Father’s Day, or hide the pieces and make him look for them. Another option would be to give him a funny task to do  to get each piece. You can probably come up with even more ideas.

Alternative: Write a letter on thin cardboard, such as a cereal box. Glue a photo of yourself over the side that has printing on it. That way, both sides become a puzzle. Cut into puzzle pieces--these don’t have to be traditional puzzle shapes--you can just cut them into strips or squares.

Make a card with a stand:

1. Buy tiny wooden clothes pins and decorate--paint, write words, etc. (tiny clothespins can be found at some dollar stores and craft stores.)

2. Find a photo and write your message on the back.

  1. 3.Clip the clothes pins to the card to make a stand for the photo.

  2. 4. Leave this message someplace your dad will find.

Make a necktie rack card:

1. Buy wire at a dollar store. Bend into tie rack shape (see photo.)

2.  Cut tie shapes from cardboard and cover with patterned origami or wrapping paper

3. write a messages on each tie.

Father’s Day Cards

In recognition

of outstanding                    performance


father extraordinaire, Robert Paul

is hereby declared the best father

in the world.


You are the BEST Daddy in the Whole World!!

I love you So Much!


Fold the back layer in half longways.

Lay the front layer on top of the back layer. Glue the sides and bottom edges, then fold in half (indicated with dotted line.) Trim any paper that sticks out beyond the back layer. Press till dry.

Fold the front layer to form one shallow pocket, then cut off the long back side to form a second pocket.

cut on this line