Amy’s Free Ideas

Make a Baseball card:

1. Cut cardboard and paper in the shape of bat and balls.

  1. 2.Glue paper to the shapes, and write your message.

Optional: Make a white paper plate into a baseball--draw the red “stitching” on the front, and write the message on the back.

Make a Soccer card:

1. Cut a circle out of cardboard

2. Draw black pentagons and white 6-sided shapes, and write your messages.

Deluxe Golf Bag “card”:

  1. 1.Loosely cover a potato chip can with paper cut from a paper bag.

  2. 2.Fold the top of the paper inside the can.

2. Squeeze the paper at the bottom of the can, and wrap colored tape around it. (see photo above).

3. Put tape around the top of the covered chip can( see photo above).

4. Use Model Magic (Karui Kaminendo) to make golf balls

5. Use Hearty to make grips and heads of clubs.

  1. 6.Poke bamboo skewers into the grips and heads.

  2. 7. Cover the skewers with tinfoil.

Optional: make a pocket and strap  out of more brown paper for the golf bag.

Easy golf card:

1. Cut a golf club and balls out of thin cardboard.

2. Glue on paper and tinfoil.

  1. 3.Write your message.

  2. 4.Staple the balls together.

Make a fishing pole card:

1. Cut shapes out of cardboard

2.  Cover “pole” with tinfoil

3. write messages on fish.

Make a 3-D fishing pole card:

1. Make fish and pole handle out of Model Magic (Karui Kaminendo)

2. Poke a bamboo skewer into the handle.

3. Tie a string to the pole. Fasten with wire.

4. write messages on fish.

Father’s Day Cards

Make a Basketball card:

1. Cut a circle out of brown paper

  1. 2.Draw black lines on the ball.

  2. 3. Write your message on the back.

Optional: Make a stand to make the ball stand up--cut 2 strips of paper about 2 inches long (4 cm.) Cut a slit in each strip, and 2 corresponding slits in the ball. Slide the slits together, and the ball should stand.

Happy Father’s Day