Amy’s Free Ideas

Password is an old-fashioned game that you try to guess a word by using one word synonyms as clues. Use that idea to make a card with words that describe Dad.

Fold a sheet of paper so that the 2 ends overlap a half inch (1 cm.) in the back. Instead of colored paper, you can use wrapping paper, or even an empty Kleenex box.

Open it back up so it is flat, and cut a window toward the top of the middle section of the sheet of paper. A box cutter or craft knife is an easy way to do this. Be sure to use a cutting board or two or more thick sheets of cardboard underneath so you don’t cut your table top. If you are cutting them out for a class, cut 3-4 at a time to save time. Another way to cut out the window is to draw the window, and cut a hole with a hole punch inside the window. Use scissors to cut out the window.

Refold the paper and glue the ends of the paper. This forms the outer sheath. Decorate the front, if you wish.

Cut a sheet of paper to fit inside the outer sheath. Use card stock (stiff or heavy paper) for this so it doesn’t crumple or tear as it is pulled.

Optional: keep the list from pulling all the way out of the top of the sheath by cutting the sides slightly narrower, but leave the bottom inch (2 cm.) the width of the sheath. This forms a shelf to make a stopper.

Slide the inner sheet inside the sheath. 

If you cut the inner sheet narrower, put a small piece of tape at the top of the outer sheath on either side, to catch the wider bottom of the inner sheet to keep it from coming out.

Write the first word to describe Dad in the window. Pull up the inner sheet so that the word doesn’t show in the window anymore, and write the next word in the blank space.

Keep writing descriptive words in the same way until the sheet is filled up. Push the inner sheet back into the sheath.

Write a message on the outer sheath. The one shown here says, “Guess what these words describe.”



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