Amy’s Free Ideas

Dad works hard every day, so Father’s Day is the perfect time to treat him like a king, with a chance to relax all day. Whether or not you have a hammock, a card with one expresses ultimate relaxation.

Find a photo with 2 trees and glue it to a card (fold a piece of colored paper in half.) Look for photos in magazines, on line, and print it out on your printer or take your own photo.

Make a hammock from a net bag that fruits and vegetables are sold in (garlic, oranges, potatoes, etc.)

Cut the net bag to fit between the 2 trees. Tie both ends of the net with thread

Glue the hammock to the 2 trees and write a message on the card.

Alternative: Paint your own scene

See tips below for an easy way to paint trees.

Here is an easy way to paint trees, even for a 4 or 5 year old. Put a blob of brown paint on the paper where you want the base of the tree to be--presumably toward the bottom of the page. Then blow through a plastic drinking straw to push the paint up to form the trunk and branches. If you want leaves, let the brown paint dry, then dab green paint on with cotton balls or bits of old sponge. Another way to make leaves is to tear off bits of green tissue paper and glue them to the branches of the trees.

Your child’s age will greatly influence how a finished scene will look. The picture on the left was painted by a child who is 12 or 13. The picture on the right was colored by a child who is 4 or 5. Don’t expect a 5 year old to be able to paint like a 12 year old. However, with a little coaching, even a young child can paint some pretty good pictures. Start by painting the sky blue, and the grass green. Next add some bushes by dipping pieces of sponge or bits of rag in green paint, and then dab on bushes at the edge of the green grass. Using several shades of green makes the scene look more realistic. Finally, paint on the trees--see tips on the right.

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