Amy’s Free Ideas

This bedroom is decorated in silver, but maroon, rust red, or pink would work as well. The swag above the window is made of two dollar store Christmas trees turned sideways, with their bases removed, and fastened together with florist’s wire (found in packets in the craft stores) The branches are fluffed out on the front, and flattened on the back. Add a silver ribbon, and balls with florist’s wire, and it is ready to hang. It is light, so 2 pushpins (tacks) are all that is needed to hold it up.

Add just a bit of greenery to existing decorations to spread  Christmas cheer around a room. The silver balls are resting on wire candle stands that have the candles removed, and greenery and pine cones were added to finish the look.

View candle stands with their candles

Embellish a bookshelf with a gift box and floral pick. Little surprises like this sprinkled around the room is all it takes to make it feel like Christmas.

Greenery makes everyday candles look Christmasy. Just cut branches off a miniature tree(dollar store, of course) and fasten them together with florist's wire, or twist ties and group them around candle stands,  Any candle stands will work, as long as they are different heights. Add a little more interest to this arrangement with a bowl full of Christmas balls. This bowl came with a wire rack at the dollar store. The stand allows more greenery to be placed under it.

These trees are sold as topiary frames to support potted plants, but I thought they made great trees to display these little ornaments that would have disappeared against a regular green miniature tree. I wanted to vary their height, so I placed the "tall" one on a round mirror which was placed on top of the wire stand that the bowl, like the one on the left, came in. I filled the bowl with balls, and added another round mirror to the base of the other tree for more sparkle.

A candle is just about the easiest way to add a touch of festivity to any room. Choose one that matches the colors in the rest of the room.  Greenery at the base of the candle, along with a few pine cones or balls makes it look Christmasy. A few wintery pictures can add to the wintery feel, even if there is no snow on the ground outside.