Amy’s Free Ideas

Kids love to have their rooms decorated for Christmas, even if they after they become teenagers. Stringing Christmas lights around the room is almost as good as sprinkling it with pixie dust as a way to create a world of wonder for the holiday season. The snowflakes are felt, purchased at a 100 yen store, but you could easily make them by cutting them out of felt, also sold at 100 yen stores. If you can only find thin felt, cut out thin cardboard in the same shape to glue the felt to to give is stiffness. The swag above the glass door is 2 white Christmas trees turned sideways and fastened together with florist's wire. Balls and bows to match the room’s colors were also fastened with twisties or florist's wire.


White Christmas trees (from the 100 yen store) light up another corner of the room  and form a backdrop for the nativity figures. The trees are decorated with balls and bows from the 100 yen store, in the same colors as the swags over the windows to coordinate all the decorations in the room. Even small children love a Christmas tree of their own,  but for young children, leave off the lights so they can decorate and un-decorate the tree as many times as they like. I choose only non-breakable ornaments so they can be handled--because no one likes to be told "don't touch" when there are such exciting, beautiful, new things twinkling right in front of them!


Balls and candles add a festive touch to an empty shelf of the bookcase. These items are all from 100 yen stores. To keep it safe, the candle is a battery operated tea light. Another way to light it is to set the empty votive near a string of lights and make sure one or two of the lights run inside the votive.


This window is Decorated with a 100 yen store Christmas tree, and batting to look like snow. If you don’t have deer, you can still create an outdoor scene by adding a snowman or a teddy bear. The snowflakes that are hung from thread are also from the hundred yen store. You can make these with wire and beads. Simply take 3 wires of the desired length and twist them together in the middle and then spread them out so the are evenly spaced. Add beads and more branches with shorter wires, if you like, and bend the end of each wire into a loop so the beads don’t fall off.

A Blue and White Variation