Amy’s Free Ideas

Windows are good places to decorate, especially in small rooms  where the window has no view, or has frosted glass. Add a swag of holly or pine to the top or bottom, or both. This nativity set did come with a hook, and works well as a wall hanging. The two angels add interest below the window as well. Just because you don't have these particular items doesn't mean you can't use the idea--look around for items that you like and want to showcase. Keep experimenting until you find a look you like.

Purple can be a surprising color for Christmas, but you can try it in a smaller room such as a bathroom to see if you like it.  To create this look, begin with balls on a wreath and also hang balls in the window. Add a green pine swag to the top of the window along with a purple bow. I made felt mittens and embroidered them with a Christmas tree and snowflake, and hung them from the fence (which hides a breaker box) as if they were drying after a snowball fight. Don't forget to hang purple towels, too. If you like the look, but not the color, just do the same thing, but substitute balls, ribbons, and towels for colors you do like.

This is a simple window dressing that can be achieved with any color balls. These are hung from those little metal hooks that you peel off the backing and stick on. Another way to hang them is to tie them to a tension rod or suction cups.

Bathrooms are small, so it doesn't take much to decorate. The colors of wallpaper and toilet restrict the colors here, but a number of colors would work-- blue, purple,  pink or maroon. Don't forget to make sure the towel matches, too.

This is a small wooden plaque that hangs right above the toilet paper. It would work just as well over a light switch or on a bulletin board. Any small flat ornament would work here as well. If you like this particular item, but don't have a source to buy wooden plaques, you could buy a sheet of EVA foam which cuts easily with scissors, and paint a similar design on it. (EVA foam comes in a variety of colors and thicknesses, and is sold at some 100 yen stores, dollar stores, and most craft stores.) Another option is to buy a wooden plaque, sold at many 100 yen stores as well as craft stores, and paint a snowman and message on that, though it would not have the  snowman shape.

One wreath is plenty for such a small room, so I wanted something different for the door. When I mentioned to my mother-in-law that this was the only room in the house that didn't have a nativity scene, she sent me this Willowtree figure.

Bathrooms are often overlooked as a place to decorate for Christmas, but often have a lot of little nooks and crannies that are good places to tuck little decorations. These shelves sport snowmen, wooden push toy soldiers (bought at a 100 yen store) a toy train, and a towel embroidered with red poinsettias. If one item looks lonely, line up several of the same item in a row. This is a good place to showcase ornaments that wouldn't be noticed on a busy Christmas tree.

This tree is a regular hundred yen tree with the base removed, and a basket added to hide the remaining base. It is decorated with bows and pine cones fastened on with florist’s wire. The back of the tree is flattened so it hangs against the wall.

Link to Amazon that sells Willowtree figurines: