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This room is decorated in red and white, the color of candy canes.  I hung strings of white beads and red hearts from hooks on the ceiling. The window is sort of a bay window, so there is space to decorate. The 2 angel mobiles and glass nativity scene depict the birth of Jesus, the reason for this holiday. If you like the look of the angels, but can’t find angel mobiles, make your own--buy inexpensive angel tree ornaments and string them at different lengths on a ring or disc, such as an embroidery hoop. Sometimes dollar stores sell the clear glass nativity sets.

I continued the red decorations on the table in front of the window with red candles and a bowl of Christmas balls.  The candles, balls and hearts were all purchased at dollar stores. Even if you don’t have a candle stand like this one, you can achieve a similar effect if you have candle stands of several different heights.

The wreath and lights over the window were made from paper coasters with holes poked in the middle for the Christmas lights to go through, The lights above the window used 3 strands of Christmas lights.  These coasters are quite tough, so it is hard to punch a hole! Use a box cutter to cut a hole big enough to poke the bulb through. Be careful not to make the holes too big, or they will fall off--they need to be a tight fit. Push each coaster far enough onto the base of the light so that the coaster is against the base and not touching the lightbulb itself. The base for the wreath is just a piece of cardboard box cut into a doughnut shape. I poked holes in the cardboard after I arranged the coasters on the cardboard, to see where the holes needed to go. Then I inserted the lights, then popped the coasters onto the lights. I plugged the lights into a timer so the girls could look at them while they were falling asleep, but I didn’t have to worry about the lights being on all night if they fell asleep before they turned them off.

The net canopies are hung from tension poles rather than a hook in the ceiling. Red bows and pillows have been added to continue the red and white theme.

Teddy bears just seem to go with Christmas. The round “mint” pillow was made to look like Christmas  candy by tying 6 red and white napkins together with a rubber band in the front and back, and then arranging until they looked right. Pillow covers are a quick sewing project if your throw pillows don’t match the color scheme.

This nativity set is home made. Since it is made out of wood, it is just right for young children to play with, and you don’t have to worry about anything breaking. The barn is made from 3 pieces of wood--the back piece and 2 side pieces, or “doors,” that fold open for a barn, and fold flat for storage. There is also a short “roof” piece that is fastened to the back, but would look just as good without it.

The small shelf between the beds is the perfect place for more red decorations. Since the girls are not going to water the poinsettias, these are fake. The decorations include a pair of red gloves, gift box, sled, and felt gingerbread house. See what your dollar store sells.

This wooden German light, with a snowman and snowflakes, Is a fun wreath alternative. When the light is on, it gives a warm glow. (Unfortunately, when I take a photo of it with the light on, the shadows make you feel like you are seeing double!) I discovered similar wooden snowflakes at a dollar store, and hung them from a dowel along with the wooden “wreath.”

The white trees were purchased at a dollar store, along with the red balls, drums, and wooden ornaments  that are decorating the trees. The tree bases are hidden with squares of red cloth. The stack of boxes, forming a sort of tree on the right, was part of a set sold at Costco. Candy canes make kids happy, but use plastic ones if your kids can’t obey your rules for how many they can eat.  The wire stand near the tree is a great way to showcase some of your favorite ornaments that would otherwise go un-notice on the tree.

Girls who play with dolls love to decorate for Christmas so they can pretend their dolls are celebrating Christmas, too. This dollar store tree is just right for these dolls.  Dollar stores also sell plenty of decorations that are just the right size for small trees. I also made “popcorn” strands from air drying clay, such as hearty. I glued tiny wooden candle cups to tiny wooden clothespins, then put birthday candles in them (but never ever light real candles--it is too dangerous!!

Seasons > Christmas > Decorations for the home > Girl’s bedroom ideas