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5 Ways to Make Paper Plates and Cups into Candy Cups or Name Cards: Thanksgiving Turkeys, Pilgrim Hats and Bonnets, and Indian Chief Headdress

3 Ways to Make Crescent Roll Dough into Candy Cups or Name Cards: Cornucopia, Turkey, and Pumpkin

3 Ways to Make Toilet Paper Tubes into Candy Cups or Name Cards:

Canoe and Teepee, Pilgrim Hats and Bonnets, and Indian Corn

3 Edible Candy Cups or Name Cards to Make: Turkeys, Pilgrim Hats and Bonnets

Paper Cup Turkey I

Cut a paper cup to form the body. Cut tail feathers and the head out of colored paper. Fill with candy, and write a person’s name on the cup.  view detailed instructions

Paper Cup Turkey II

Cut a paper plate to form the tail. Cut the head, wings, and beak out of colored paper. Fill paper cup body with candy and turn upside down. Write a person’s name on the cup or plate.     view detailed instructions

Paper Cup Pilgrim hat

Turn a cup upside down on a plate to form the brim.  To add candy, fill the cup and hold the brim firmly in place as you flip them both upside down. 

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Paper Cup Bonnet

Turn a cup on it’s side. Cut a paper towel to fit. Fold it around the cup and tape it to the cup.

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Paper Cup Chief’s Headdress

Cut a paper cup. Cut feathers out of colored paper and glue to the cup.

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Paper Bag Thanksgiving Tree Centerpiece

Make a Thanksgiving tree out of 3 paper lunch bags and cans (adapted from Family Fun website.) Cut out paper leaves in fall colors and provide pens so everyone can write what they are thankful for. Then let each person tape or staple their leaves to the tree and cover the tree with colorful leaves and words of thanks.        view how to make a paper bag Thanksgiving tree

Crescent Roll Cornucopia

Shape crescent roll dough into a cone. Use folded muffin liners to hold it’s shape while baking. Once baked, fill with nuts and fruit shaped candy, and marshmallow pumpkins

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Crescent Roll Turkey

Shape crescent roll dough into a turkey. Decorate with icing if you wish. Or write each person’s name in icing--on the turkey or the plate.

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Crescent Roll Pumpkin

Wrap crescent roll dough around a marshmallow, caramel, and nuts. While baking, the marshmallow melts, so the pumpkin becomes hollow with “pumpkin seed” nuts in a gooey sauce on the bottom.

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Toilet Paper Tube Canoe and Teepee

Smash a toilet paper tube flat, and cut one folded side. Cut out a canoe shape, then glue the ends and glue a toothpick in the middle. For the teepee, fold a sheet of paper and cut off the end to form a half circle. Refold and draw designs. Tape to hold in a cone shape.

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Toilet Paper Tube Pilgrim Hat and Bonnet

For the bonnet, cut a section of toilet paper tube to form the base, then fold and glue on a paper towel. For the hat, cut the brim from a toilet paper tube, and form the rest from a cup from an egg carton.

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Toilet Paper Tube Indian Corn

Roll a toilet paper tube in yellow tissue paper. Press 3 fingers onto brown stamp pad and press against “corn cob.” Cut a paper lunch bag to form the husks.

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Log and Candle Centerpiece

Put a piece of log in the middle of the table. Arrange a variety of sizes and colors of candles around and on the log. Arrange leaves and pine cones all around these.  If you use real leaves, collect them on the day your guests arrive, since the leaves shrivel and turn brown very quickly. The leaves in the photo are artificial.

Basket and Pinecone Centerpiece

Put a fall colored table runner down the center of the table, and put a basket full of pinecones in the center. Accent with artificial fall leaves. For fancy napkins, fold each into a triangle, then fold the two sides up to the middle point, and drop it into a goblet or glass. These napkins and table runner were purchased at a dollar store.

Plymouth Village Centerpiece Made From Paper and Empty Cardboard Boxes and Tubes

To make a teepee, tape 3 pieces of paper together, fold, and cut off the end. Refold, draw decorations, and tape to hold in teepee shape. To make the Pilgrim cottage, cut 2 cracker boxes and tape together. Fold gray paper in off-set accordion pleats to form the clapboards. Make the Mayflower out of a Kleenex box and oasis (flower arranging foam) to poke the dowels into for the masts.    view detailed instructions for Mayflower

Cupcake Turkey

Cut one side off of a cupcake and set it on the cut side. “Glue” corn candy to a cookie for tail feathers. Kneed two caramels together and shape into the head and neck of the turnkey. Fasten the head to the body with 2 toothpicks.

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Apple Turkey

Fold a colorful paper napkin for the tail feathers. Use an apple for the body--cut a slice off of the bottom to keep it from rolling around. Use marshmallow circus peanuts for the head. Form a hat out of a tootsie roll. Fasten the hat and head to the body with 2 toothpicks.   view detailed instructions

Mint Pilgrim Hat and Marshmallow Bonnet

The hats are easy--just stack a “Rolo” or mini “Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup” on top of a York Peppermint Patty or regular sized Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup. The bonnets, made of marshmallows, are a little more complicated.

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Pumpkin Centerpiece

One of the easiest Thanksgiving centerpieces is to use a pumpkin and some gourds surrounded by artificial leaves. If the pumpkins and gourds are real,  check on them every few days, because they can make a real mess if they start to rot, especially if they are on top of fabric such as a tablecloth, runner or artificial leaves. You could also put them on top of plates, so it doesn’t get on anything even if it does begin to rot. Another option is to use artificial pumpkins.