Amy’s Free Ideas

1. Fold a flap on the short end of a sheet of colored paper. You can measure a half inch if you want to, but it doesn’t have to be exact.

2. Fold the other short end up to the fold line.

  1. 3.Now open the fold, and press it flat about an inch over from the previous fold--make it as wide as you want the card deep.

You could use a King of Hearts playing card as the base for this card instead of making hearts.

Shadowbox Card

Use this simple idea to make a dozen different cards--just vary the colors, sizes, and arrangement for totally different looking cards.

4. If you don’t have paper with 2 different colors on the two sides, cut a panel of contrasting paper to fit the back panel and glue it in place.

5.Write your message now, because it will be difficult to write after several layers of hearts have been fastened on.

6. Cut a window on the front side-- it can be just about any size you wish, but leave at least a half inch border on all sides. Use a box cutter, or poke a hole and cut with scissors.

7. Cut out different colors and sizes of hearts. If you prefer patterned paper, use origami, wrapping paper, or scrapbooking paper. Save time by stacking 3 or 4 sheets of paper to cut several hearts at once.

8.Arrange the heart shapes in the window.

9. Fasten on the design elements. It may be easier to open the card flat to fasten the various elements on once the design has been decided. Use double stick foam tape to fasten on each layer of hearts.

If you don’t have foam style double stick tape, make loops of paper and fold them flat twice to make a square loop that makes the shapes stand out

10. Embellish the hearts as much as you want--with beads, lace, bows, etc.-you have room since the card is not flat.

11. Glue the side flap.

12. To use it for a decoration, squeeze the folded sides into a rectangle so it can stand up.

13. To mail, fold it flat and put in a padded envelope.

How to make an envelope

An alternative way to make a sturdier shadow box is to cut a window in an empty cardboard box, such as  a cereal or cracker box. Glue a colored sheet to cover the inside back wall, and a contrasting color of paper to cover the outside. Decorate as described above.

To mail, unglue the top and bottom flaps and fold flat. Write a note for how to re-glue the top and bottom flaps to make it a shadowbox.

Seasons > Valentine’s Day > Ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day with the Family > Shadowbox Valentine Cards to Make and Use as Decorations

Seasons > Valentine’s Day > Ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day with the Family > Shadowbox Valentine Cards to Make or Use as Decorations