Amy’s Free Ideas

                                                                    can create a wonderland for children; each new season brings it’s own magic.  But the cost can add up in a hurry. So most of these seasonal decorations are put together with materials purchased at Japanese 100 yen stores or American dollar stores. You probably won’t be able to find exactly the same things, but more than likely, you can find similar items and create decorations that resemble those pictured here. So when you go shopping, don’t JUST look at the seasonal items--be sure to check out the areas selling crafts. toys, gardening, stationary, gift wrap, flowers, and candles.



                                                    can add to the enchantment of any season, and are often a good way to instill values. They are also good for making lots of happy memories, and helping children feel a sense of belonging to their family, church, and country. Just add one or two new activities each season--if you try to do all the ideas at once, it can seem overwhelming. Then be sure to evaluate if each one is serving the purpose you set out to achieve--traditions, whether old or new, can prove meaningless and wearisome if the only reason they are being done is because that’s the way it has always been done.