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How to Shop at the 100 yen store--If you only look in the seasonal section, you will miss many things that could decorate your home.

The seasonal season section is a good place to start. but be sure to check this section several times during the season because they get several shipments, and usually it is different merchandise for each shipment. The cute items sell out quickly--if you like it, buy it. There are really ugly things, too, so only get items you really like.

Many stores no longer sell 50-60 cm. trees for a hundred yen, but I have been able to buy them at 99 yen stores/Lawson 100 and Can-Do. These trees can be used as trees or cut up for greenery to put on wreaths and at the base of candles, or put two sideways with a bow for a swag.

Wreaths are harder to find than they used to be. They used to sell them year round in the flower section. If you find one that has decorations that you don’t like, look to see how they are fastened on. If it can be removed easily, go ahead and buy it--they don’t sell wreaths cheaper anyplace else.

There are lots of items that you can find in the interior section, such as cushions for the sofa, baskets and stands. The 2 vases on either side were purchased at a 100 yen store. They were 400 yen, but would have been 1000 yen at a flower shop.

These items may look boring by themselves, but add a bear and some tiny dishes and it becomes a cute decorative element. There are many cute items if you will just look carefully.

Many stores carry a wide variety of candles and candle stands. These are an easy and inexpensive way to add decorations for any season. Buy a variety of heights because candles are usually better grouped together rather than standing alone.

Tension rods have many uses. You can use them to hang decorations in windows and doors, or to hide messy shelves with a small curtain for each shelf, or to make flat things stand up for storage, such as cookie sheets or more tension rods.

Sometimes you can find items in other sections. For example, I found a wooden puzzle in the toy section that was made of wooden beads, and another one that was made of wooden blocks--a cheap source for multiple items that would have cost quite a bit more at a craft store.

The gardening section has many useful items. Florist’s wire is very useful in making wreaths, and many Christmas decorations. You will also find flower pots and interesting stands to hold plants that can be used in other ways for decorating.

The stationary section has many useful items, such as different colors of paper and scissors and hole punches of various shapes, sheet magnets, pens, pencils, magnets, etc. etc.

EVA foam is, oddly, sold with the wood. It is soft enough to cut with scissors and comes in many colors and thicknesses. It can be used in many crafts such as the 2 wreaths shown. This is a very inexpensive and versatile material, and has many uses. I recommend this.

These foam shapes are sold as a carpet substitute, but it is very similar to the EVA foam, and can be cut and used to make many crafts, including a base for a wreath.

There are many useful tools, but the one I could not do without is a pair of pliers. These enable you to cut Christmas trees branches and florist’s wire, and as well as the usual bending and holding things that would be impossible with your bare hands.

The wood section sells wood that comes in many shapes and sizes--all pre-cut. Dowels are good for hanging banners, and wooden message boards can make cute seasonal welcome signs. Thick dowels and balls can be made into nativity figurines.

Ribbons are often sold in the gift wrap section or in the sewing section. If you are using it for a wreath, it is best if it has wire in the edges so that you can re-shape the bow without having to take it off and iron it, and re-make the bow. For a small wreath, about 2 meters is enough, but if you want it for a big wreath, or a swag, you will need about 5 meters. If you see one you like, get it, because these sell out very quickly.

A glue gun melts the stick of glue, and because it hardens quickly, it is a really convenient tool for making wreaths and many, many decorations. They do cost more than 100 yen, but cost much less than if bought at a craft store. This is one of the items that I use very often--I highly recommend it.

This modeling clay is extremely versatile. I have used it in many many decorating projects. It air dries very light and very tough. Both of these characteristics are important in making decorations, especially for Christmas tree ornaments and wreath decoration because they do not weigh down the branches or break if you drop them. I highly recommend this product.

The sewing section has many useful items, such as lace and embroidery thread. The felt comes in many colors and sometimes thicknesses. This is another item that I have used in many decorating projects, and highly recommend.

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