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This Christmas wreath Is an inexpensive way to fill a large wall, so it is perfect for a classroom or church. Even the bow is made of paper, so it costs very little--all you have to buy is colored paper and glue. If you have a team of people working on the project, it can be made quickly, too. Also, if you can borrow a paper cutter, that speeds up the process as well. Each piece is fastened to the wall with mounting putty, such as Fun-tack or Blue-tack. If you have a large piece of paper or fabric, each piece could be glued onto that instead of the wall. If you choose to go this route, though, be sure to plan ahead for how to store it, because it is quite delicate--you can’t put anything on top of it. If, on the other hand,  you keep each piece kept separate, you can store them in empty cereal boxes.

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This simplifies wreath is quicker to make because it is mostly made with the leaf shape, which are one of the quicker designs to make.

Cut doors in the front of empty cereal boxes. Be sure to leave at least a quarter inch edge all around the box so that you can stack boxes. Put a sheet of paper on top of the bottom layer of decorations, then stack a second layer on top of the sheet of paper. Be careful not to let any of the decorations hang off the edge of a lower layer, or they will warp during storage. Do not crowd the decorations, because this can warp them, too.

1. Make a ring shape:

Cut a strip of paper. Bend it into a ring shape and glue the ends together. Long strips make big rings, short strips make small rings. This is also the first step for most of the other folds.

2. Make a leaf shape:

Press the ring flat. This is used for making small leaf shapes as well as big ones. It is also the basis for making squares, rectangles, and diamonds. See the following steps to make them.

3. Make a square shape:

Open the leaf shape, line up the two folded places, and press the ring flat again. When you open it this time, it is no longer a ring, but a square or diamond shape.

4. Make a rectangle :

Make a rectangle in the same way as the square, but skip step 3. Instead, open the leaf shape, then flatten it the distance from the original fold that you want the width of the rectangle to be.

4 Basic Folds to make these projects

Original fold

New fold

Width of rectangle

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How to Make a Giant Paper Bow


Cut 11 strips of paper the length of your colored paper. Put the ends together and glue or staple. Do NOT fold flat!!

Glue or staple two loops together.

Glue or staple the next strip in front of the first two loops.

Glue or staple the fourth strip to the back of the first two loops.

Repeat with 4 more strips for the right side of the bow.

Glue a strip into a ring, and glue or staple it to the middle of the bow.

Cut notches in the ends of the last two strips. Fasten them to the wall under the bow so that they stick out a bit, and look less like paper.