Amy’s Free Ideas

Cut 4 strips of colored paper 1/2 inch or 1 inch wide, and the length of the short side of the paper. Stack them on top of each other.

Pull the tops of 2 strips on the left side down so the top ends are even with the bottoms of all the strips.

Pull the tops of the right two strips so they are even with all the ends of the strips.

Pull the 2 inside strips so the inside loops are smaller than the outside loops.

Staple the bottom of the heart through all 4 layers. Another option would be to glue the layers together.

Cut off the excess paper.

1. Make a ring shape:

Cut a strip of green paper (the strip in the photo is red, so you’ll have to use your imagination to make it green!). Bend it into a ring shape and glue the ends together. Long strips make big rings, short strips make small rings.

2. Make a leaf shape:

Press the ring flat. This is used for making small leaf shapes as well as big ones.

Cut a strip of paper 1/2 inch or 1 inch wide. The length depends on how big you want the heart to be. For the one shown here, the length of the strip is the length of the short side of a sheet of paper. Fold the strip of paper in half, and curl the ends around a skewer, toothpick or nail. Remove the skewer and glue the curls together. If the curl is too tight, unroll it with your fingers, then re-roll it with your fingers, without using the skewer.

Curley Cue Heart

Quick Double Heart

Leaves for a Christmas Tree Use these leaves to outline a tree of ornaments , or make two or more rows of leaves

Crafts > Crafts for Adults by Season > 15 Paper Christmas Tree Ornaments > Quick Paper Christmas Heart and Leaf Ornaments

Crafts > Crafts for Adults by Season > 15 Paper Christmas Tree Ornaments > Quick Paper Christmas Heart and Leaf Ornaments

Hearts are usually associated more with Valentine’s Day than with Christmas. However, if you think of hearts as representing God’s love for mankind that was embodied in sending his own son to take the punishment for each person’s bad choices, then hearts make a fantastic Christmas Decoration!

If you plan for a classroom of kids to make these, cut out strips of paper with a paper cutter ahead of time, then in class, all the kids have to do is fold and glue them. If you don’t have a paper cutter, use lined notebook paper as a guide, but cut on every other line rather than every line, since the strips would be too narrow if you cut every line. Save time by cutting 3-4 sheets of paper at a time with the same effort as cutting one. You do need a good pair of scissors to do this. The sheets of paper do tend to slide, so readjust the sheets after every few cuts.