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These eggs were decorated with Q-tips and acrylic paint.

Flat Clay Egg and Cross Decorations

Make eggs and crosses by rolling out air drying modeling compound such as Hearty. Cut them out with cookie cutters, or use paper pattens to cut them out with scissors. Air dry.  Hang on a door or wall as you would a wreath. See below for decorating ideas.

These eggs were decorated with markers

These eggs were decorated with paper napkins glued on with glue stick.

Hearty (Karui Kaminendo) is a modeling compound that air dries very light weight and strong, so it is perfect for making seasonal decorations. It is sold at most 100 yen stores and craft stores. It comes in several colors, and you can mix them for more colors.

You can make an egg shaped cutter by bending one end of an egg ring (sold at 100 yen stores) or bending a can that has both ends cut out.

Make Q-tips into stamps for decorating all kinds of eggs, including real eggs. Tape three together, then cut in half to make them into two stamps. 5 taped around a sixth Q-tip makes a flower shape. The sixth one keeps the 5 shaped like a flower. Before taping them together, press the cotton ends against the table to make sure they are all the same length (except for the 6th one that needs to stick out the back to hold the 5 in shape.) If even one is shorter or longer than the others, it will make it difficult to stamp flower shapes. A single Q-tip can make dots by using the end, or leaf shapes by using the side.


Roll out different colors of clay and cut out egg and cross shapes. Another option is to stamp with stamps with or without ink.

Cut out floor mats and stamp designs on the eggs with stamps  or Q-tips and acrylic paints.

Cut crosses out of EVA foam or floor mats and paint designs with acrylic paint.

  1. 1.Cover a real egg (or plastic egg) with an air drying modeling compound such as Hearty (Karui Kaminendo.)

  2. 2.Let dry one day then cut in half with a craft knife at the egg’s widest point, either horizontally or vertically

  3. 3.Pull the clay off the egg, add a base to the bottom half and let finish drying.

  4. 4.Glue on a hinge to fasten the “lid” half to the bottom half.

  5. 5.Decorate the outside (paint or glue on paper napkin, lace, beads, etc.)

  6. 6.Create a scene on the inside--cross and flowers, or empty grave with toothpick crosses.

Egg Boxes

Sunday School or Bible Clubs > Crafts > Easter crafts--Easter Egg Shaped Crafts

Tiny Paper Cup Easter Baskets

  1. 1.Cut paper doilies and pastel paper to fit the cups, and fasten them to the cups with double stick tape.

  2. 2. Bend wire handles and poke through holes in the sides.

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Fill the baskets with egg-shaped candy

There are lots of options in America. In Japan they are harder to find, but if you look, there are quite a few options. Candy that is not pre-wrapped can be put re-packed in small squares of plastic wrap and tied with a ribbon.

Clay Eggs and Easter Baskets

  1. 1.Make eggs from air drying clay.

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  1. 2. Make a small basket out of clay

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Egg Backpack Decorations

  1. 1.Make eggs from Hearty and air dry.

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  1. 2.Poke a jewelry wire through the middle, and fasten a bead or two on the bottom ring.

  2. 3. Shape the top of the wire into a loop and string with a short length of elastic to fasten the egg to the backpack.

Clay Egg Bouquet

  1. 1.Make clay eggs from Hearty and air dry.

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  1. 2. Poke florist’s wire through the dry eggs and curl the ends of the wires.

  2. 3. Make a base of heavy clay ( Kaminenedo) and poke the wires into the base. Let dry.

  3. 4.Cover base with paper grass and tie with a ribbon.


Get inexpensive stamps and stamp pads at hundred yen stores in November and December when they are selling stamps for New Year cards. Most of the designs won’t work for Easter, but there are often flower designs that work great!