Amy’s Free Ideas

Paper Cup Egg Baskets

  1. 1.Tear apart one small paper cup to make a pattern.

  2. 2.Cut pastel colored paper using the torn cup as a pattern, and fasten the pastel paper to a cup that has not been torn apart with double stick tape.

  3. 3.Cut paper doilies to fit the cup and fasten on with double stick tape

  4. 4.Cut a length of coated wire (sold at 100 yen shops) and bend over a bottle about the same diameter as the cup to form a handle

  5. 5.Poke 2 holes in the cup

  6. 6.Push the wire through the holes from the inside of the cup, and bend up the ends

  7. 7.Put a small hand full of egg-shaped candy in each cup (Jelly beans, peanut m’n’m’s, etc) for the children to carry home. You can wrap the candy in a bit of plastic wrap and tie with a ribbon, or buy pre-wrapped candy such as chocolate eggs.

Note: If these small cups are still too big, you can put shredded paper in the bottom and then they won’t hold so much, (sold in gift wrap section of most 100 yen stores, or use a paper shredder to make your own)