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12 More Ways to Use These Printable Nativity Sheets

  1. 1.Bulletin Board: Make a background out of poster board. Use the printable figures to make a Christmas scene bulletin board. Add Christmas present shapes as a boarder. Let the children write on the presents what they will do for Jesus as a Christmas present this year. You may need to give them suggestions, such as giving one of their own toys to a needy child, sending money to a missionary, or playing with a younger sibling.

  2. 2.Paper Plate Wreath: Glue the cut out figures to a green paper plate to make a quick Christmas wreath (cut out the center of the plate, if you want it to look more like a wreath. If you really want to get fancy, cut leaf shapes from that cut out center, and glue them randomly around the remaining ring between figures.)

  3. 3.Christmas Banner: Use the printable sheets as patterns to make the figures out of felt for a Christmas banner. It is almost impossible to draw faces on felt, so either leave off facial features, or make the faces out of skin colored fabric, and use a super fine tipped marker to draw the eyes, nose, and mouth.

  4. 4.Advent Calendar: Use the downloadable sheets as pattens to cut out felt or foam figures. Rather than gluing the figures to a background, leave the figures loose, and use them for an advent calendar. Each day in December, let your children put another figure on the scene. You can sew pockets for each day, or buy something with lots of pockets at a dollar store. Sometimes around Christmas, dollar stores sell advent calendars with pockets that could be combined with this scene.

  5. 5.Christmas scene review game for Sunday School: Use 2 paper stand up scenes for a Christmas review game in Sunday school. Award one figure for each correctly answered question about the Christmas story. The team with the most complete scene at the end of the game, wins. (Instead of stand-up figures, these could be stapled to a bulletin board, or put magnets on the backs of the figures to fasten to a whiteboard or cookie sheet, or cover the background  and figures with clear contact paper (or laminate) and fasten the figures on with double stick tape.) (view some review questions for the Christmas story)

  6. 6.Christmas card review game for Sunday School: For a slightly simpler way to review the Christmas story, cut out the figures as cards. For each correctly answered question, hand out a card. The team with the most cards wins. These cards will hold up better if you print them on card stock, or cover the backs with colored contact paper, or glue them to thin cardboard, such as empty cereal or cracker boxes. Christmas greeting cards could be used in the same way.

  7. 7.Christmas rummy card game: Cut the figures as cards, and use them in a rummy or go-fish style game. (view instructions for playing the game.)

  8. 8.Concentration game : Print 2 copies of the cards, turn them all face down. If a player turns over 2 cards that are identical, that player gets to keep them, and try for another pair. If not, the next player gets a turn. The player with the most cards wins.

  9. 9. Pictionary game:. Each team chooses a player to look at one card, then those players run back to their teams and draw the picture. The first team to guess the right word, wins that round, and the next set of players is sent to see the next word to draw.

  10. 10. “Who Am I?”  Game: Put the cards on the backs of children, and they have to guess who is on their back by asking other children questions that can be answered with either “yes,” or “no.”

  11. 11. Dominoes game: Print out at several copies of the same sheet and cut them as cards, then randomly tape all the cards together in pairs, including some that are 2 of the same picture. Children try to line up the cards with the ends that have the same picture, rather than matching numbers as in regular dominoes. If you reduce the size when you print them, they won’t be giant dominoes!

  12. 12. Bingo game: Print out enough copies for each child to have 9 or 16 figures (3 rows of 3, or 4 rows of 4.) (again, If you reduce the size when you print them, you won’t have giant Bingo cards.) Give each child a grid sheet and 9 or 16 figures to glue on the grid. To play the game, pass out office stickers to mark the called out pictures. The first child with 3 in a row or 4 in a row wins. For an alternate way to play with younger children: they may prefer to fill the whole grid (that you have filled in with pictures for them) with duplicate pictures that have been spread out on the table--face up or face down, depending on the abilities of the children.

Sunday School or Bible Clubs > Seasonal Sunday School Crafts > 12 More Ways to Use the Printable Pages