Amy’s Free Ideas


If your daughters are fortunate enough to have a doll house, decorate it for Christmas. Put a wreath and Christmas tree in every room. Chenille wires  make a realistic swag, or shaping it into a ring makes a good wreath--just and adding a tiny bow. Other ways to make wreaths-- twist a small vine into a vine wreath, or a branch cut from a 100 yen tree twisted into a ring also  forms a wreath. Add bows and beads for berries. Small trees and ornaments can be found at craft stores and sometimes dollar stores. My daughter made a tiny nativity set from Sclupy that is sitting on the dining room side board.

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If your daughter does not have a doll house, you can make her one out of cardboard. Cover with contact paper, and as long as she doesn't sit on it, it should last a long time. If she isn't too picky, you can make simple furniture, too, such as gluing small pieces of wood together to form chairs, tables, sofas, and beds. You can make tiny food out of Sculpy. (100 yen stores sell a similar type of modeling medium.) Kluts books have some great ideas for how to make these. The blue chairs on the roof and in the Pizza parlor are from a stacking game purchased at a 100 yen store. The legs for two tables in the Pizza Parlor are the plastic braces found in the middle of delivered pizzas to keep the box lids from touching the hot cheese. I simply glued a round top to each.

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My girls loved having a Christmas tree for their dolls.  They even had their dolls exchange gifts in tiny stockings each Christmas morning. The tree in this picture is decorated with 100 yen store ornaments reminiscent of Swedish straw Christmas ornaments. I also made popcorn and cranberry strings from a light modeling compound (similar to Hearty) and candle holders from wooden clothes pins that hold birthday cake candles, all purchased at the 100 yen store, except the wooden candle cups purchased at a craft store. If I remember correctly, the rattan chair and rag rug were also purchased at the hundred yen store.


One of my daughters’ favorite things to do with their dolls was to havie tea parties with real cookies that they “had” to eat for the dolls. These dishes provided many happy memories--they survived my childhood, and my daughters' childhood, and will probably service another generation as well. I only used these dishes for tea parties that I attended to reduce the chance of breakage. But I needn't have worried, I don't think they broke any of their glass doll dishes, even when I wasn't around. They don't have to be expensive dishes to provide special memories--just make sure they have tiny dishes and tiny food, and you will store up many happy memories for them.


This window is Decorated with a 100 yen store Christmas tree, and batting to look like snow. If you don’t have deer, you can still create an outdoor scene by adding a snowman or a teddy bear. The snowflakes that are hung from thread are also from the hundred yen store. You can make these with wire and beads. Simply take 3 wires of the desired length and twist them together in the middle and then spread them out so the are evenly spaced. Add beads a and more branches with shorter wires, if you like, and bend the end of each wire into a loop so the beads don’t fall off.