Amy’s Free Ideas

To make a layered Father’s Day card, stack different colors of paper on top of each other (there are 4 sheets shown here.) Spread them out so there is about an inch (2-3 cm.) of each color showing for each layer.

Fold the whole stack of papers so that the layers continue to staircase at the same rate (the middle sheet {orange} is folded in half, so it only shows once.)

Write a short note of appreciation on each color. Lift each layer and write about an incident that exemplifies what was written on the outside, or add a photo with a caption. Artistic children could even draw pictures to illustrate. Of course, the top two layers won’t have much room!

If you want a more sophisticated look, type everything on the computer--print the first 4 phrases on the bottom edge of the paper, then flip them over, and print the last 3 phrases on that  bottom edge of the last 3 sheets. The middle page is folded in half, so it doesn’t have a second message. Then stack the sheets, spread them out so the writing shows on the bottoms of 3 pages, then fold them so the other half of the phrases show at the top of the card.

The tricky part here is in the printing--to make sure you get the right order. So I recommend printing all the outside messages first, then flip those pages over and print the bottom messages. You could even print it on white paper first to make sure everything is right, then print it on the colored paper. If it doesn’t matter what order the messages come in, then there are no worries!