Amy’s Free Ideas

If Dad carries a briefcase, he might enjoy a briefcase shaped Father’s Day card.

  1. 1.Fold a piece of black or brown paper so the ends overlap. 

  2. 2. Fold it again 1/4 inch (1 cm.) to 1/2 inch (2 cm.) over from the first folds. It doesn’t have to be exact--it just gives a little depth to make it look more three dimensional than a flat card.

  3. 3.Make a handle by folding black paper in half. Cut out a “U” with the two tops of the “U” along the fold.

  4. 4.Glue the handle to the top of the briefcase by making 2 new folds on either side of the original fold so there is a surface to glue it on.

Optional: Make a latch for the briefcase with some a contrasting color of paper.

  1. 1.Cut 2 rectangles of brown paper, or thin cardboard box (such as the back of a notepad, or a cereal box--turn the printed side toward the briefcase so it doesn’t show.)

  2. 2. Glue both ends of one rectangle to the bottom flap. Be careful to leave enough unglued space that the other rectangle can easily slide in.

  3. 3.Cut a point on one end of the other rectangle. Glue the square end to the top flap of the briefcase.

  4. 4.Lay a piece of white paper inside the briefcase and fold them together.

  5. 5.Glue the white paper to the inside of the briefcase. Trim any excess white paper so it doesn’t show when you close it.

  6. 6.Write a message of appreciation. Fold it, then slip the pointed end of the latch into the rectangle on the bottom flap of the briefcase.

Optional: Cut out pictures items that Dad carries in his briefcase, and glue them to the inside of the card. You can cut them out of advertisements, or look for pictures on the internet. Items might include file folders, pens and pencils, papers, cell phone, etc.

Optional: Make a latch for the briefcase with some tinfoil and a paperclip.

  1. 1.Tear off two small pieces of tinfoil and fold the edges to make each into  a rectangle shape.

  2. 2. Fold the bottom 2 corners of the bottom rectangle.

  3. 3.Rub both rectangles with a rounded surface, such a a marker, to smooth out some of the wrinkles.

  4. 4.Squeeze a third small piece of foil into a wad to fit inside the middle of the paperclip. Hold the paperclip in the front of the bottom rectangle, and press the wad of tinfoil from behind the rectangle so that the tinfoil pushes through the paperclip and holds the paperclip in place.

  5. 5.Glue both rectangles to the briefcase.