Amy’s Free Ideas

Flower basket

Make Flower baskets to celebrate the new life we have in Christ.

  1. 1.Cut brown paper into a basket shape (trapezoid) and cut an odd number of vertical strips from the top down to within 1/2 inch (1 cm.) from the bottom (5 vertical strips shown here.)

  2. 2.Cut individual horizontal strips from the same brown paper. (5 shown here)

  3. 3.Weave these strips into the basket--in an over and under pattern--over the first strip, under the second strip under the third strip, etc.   The next strip should be woven in the opposite order so that when ever the previous strip was under, the current strip should be over, and vise versa.

  4. 4.Trim off the horizontal strips on the sides to make them even with the sides of the basket.

  5. 5.Glue the flower basket to a background card. Handwrite, or photocopy the background with words such as, “He is Risen!” or “Hallelujah!” On the inside of the card, print a verse or a simple version of the Easter story.

  6. 6.Fold 2 inch (4 cm.) squares of colored paper or tissue paper in half (into a triangle), in half again, and a fold again a third time, still in a triangle shape.

  7. 7.Cut the wide of this folded triangle into a rounded shape, and open into a flower. This may be a step ahead of class, depending on the kid’s abilities.

  8. 8.Glue the flowers above the basket.

Note: Save time by cutting everything ahead of class, and just have the kids assemble the flower baskets, or use flower stickers.

Alternative basket: cut the baskets out of corrugated paper, or plain brown paper--don’t weave.

Cut an odd number of strips in the basket shape. It is easier to work with it on it’s side. (For left handed people, turn the cut side to the left. ) Glue the bottom half inch of the basket to a background card. Then weave loose strips in an over-under pattern. In such a small project, this is what that looks like:

Lift every other strip on the basket, and put the first loose strip down. Since this basket has 5 strips, the sides and middle were left down, and the alternating 2 strips were lifted.

This is what the first woven strip looks like.

For the second strip, lift the opposite strips that were not lifted last time--this time the 3 strips are lifted and the two are left down. Lay the loose strip across these strips.

Keep alternating rows with 2 strips held up, then 3 strips held up ( that is, if you start with a basket of 5 strips).

Keep weaving in strips until the top of the basket is reached.

Cut off the ends of the strips that stick out beyond the sides of the basket.

Glue the basket to the card.