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Even if it is chili outside, surprise  your sweetheart with a romantic “outing.” Once the kids are tucked into bed, cuddle up together outside--bundle up under a comforter and, it might be the beginning of a toasty evening inside! It may sound a little wacky, but doing things out of the ordinary can add that little spark that can get lost in all the humdrum of everyday responsibilities.

Don’t give up on the idea if you don’t have a porch with stylish chairs--think outside the crate! You can spread a blanket for a midnight picnic on the lawn (or snow!) or climb out a second floor window, sit on the roof and gaze at the moonlight. The wilder the idea, the more memorable it will be!

Be imaginative about making it a special time--try to come up with something unusual and fun to do in the cold and dark--whether you look at the stars, drink hot chocolate and read poetry, play hide and seek or snowball fight (grab the kids’ paintball guns if you live in a warm place), try something that you have never done before! Dare each other to do ridiculous things, or require crazy penalties of whoever laughs, then say or do silly things to make each other laugh.

Food can play a big part in making the evening a smashing hit--if your darling is adventuresome, it might be fun to try something new, but if not, stick to what you both really love. See my page for fun Valentine food ideas, like a dessert fondue. One more hint: rather than wearing yourself out by spending the day fixing his favorites, why not splurge a little and BUY his preferred treats so you can reserve your energy for the time you spend together. Since you will have saved money by not hiring a babysitter or eating out, go ahead and buy what you would not normally shell out for!

Heart shaped pink and red foods for Valentine’s Day

The last and most important detail to prepare is YOU!  Just for fun, you can surprise him by giving him a different flavor of you--put on a wig and talk in a foreign accent. Or wear a new nighty under your overcoat. Or give him a treasure map to figure out, and you are the treasure he finds. Or turn your bathroom into an island spa so you can give each other a massage or warm up together in the bath. There are so many ways to blow his mind with relatively little preparation!

Note: If you tend to get sleepy as soon as the kids are in bed, try to take a nap in the afternoon, or drink a cup of coffee.

If you prefer to entertain your beau indoors, check out my other ideas for celebrating Valentine’s day with your husband.

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