Amy’s Free Ideas

Pizza Father’s Day Card

  1. 1.Cut 2 large circles out of brown paper.

  2. 2.Tape or glue the 2 circles together on one edge to form a card.

  3. 3.Cut an irregular circle out of red paper to represent the tomato sauce.

  4. 4.Glue the “tomato sauce” to the top brown circle.

  5. 5.Cut out Dad’s favorite toppings from colored paper and glue in place. To cut out a lot of cheese at once, fold yellow paper several times so you can cut several strips of “cheese” at a time.

  6. 6.Write a message on the inside of the card.

Optional: Cut the top layer of the pizza into pieces, and write a message under each “piece of pizza”--Cut only the top layer of pizza. Then glue each piece of pizza along one edge. Then lift each piece of pizza and write a message under each piece.

Cut several strips of yellow paper, fold, then cut lots of narrow strips of “cheese” at a time