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Banners make good decorations for a church. They are big enough to cover a large wall, and not too hard to make if the design is cut from felt and glued on to a background. There are books of designs in some American Christian book stores. These banners were made from designs in the book below.

Flags from different countries also make good decorations. These small ones were purchased at hundred yen stores. Big ones make good decorations for places with high ceilings or big halls.

Pictures of missionaries that are supported by the church, while not decorations, would be good to display at this time if they are not displayed year round. If missionaries were asked to send items made in their countries, that would make interesting decorations.

Pictures of people from around the world, would be another way to decorate for this season. Sources might be pictures from old National Geographic magazine or calendars, such as the ones Wycliffe produces.

Link to Wycliffe website:

Seasons > Pentecost > Church Decorations

This banner represents the coming of the Holy Spirit. It can be added to the above banners the week after Easter, and could even be left up until Pentecost. Or it could just be hung for Pentecost.

This banner represents the birth of the church at Pentecost. It can be hung in tandem with the banner on the left, or it can be hung on it’s own. Jesus said, “I will build my church and the gates of Hell will not prevail.” Pentecost is the perfect time to celebrate God’s continuing work on earth--to gather believers form every tribe and nation.