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4 Options for  Dice

  1. 1.Buy dice from a discount store that often sells them in multiples (dollar stores or hundred yen stores)

  2. 2.Cut cubes of wood. Sand them, paint them, and draw dots with permanent markers.

  3. 3.Download and print out the dice template on heavy paper. Cut out and fold on the fold lines. These are delicate, so need to be used with care. They can be unfolded for storage.

  4. 4.Use clay to make cubes. Use clay that can be air dried, such as Model Magic (Kaluri Kaminendo) or baked in the oven. Draw dots on with permanent markers.

7 Ways to Make Playing PIeces

  1. 1. Use buttons

  2. 2. Use bottle caps from soft drink bottles

  3. 3.Use small trinkets from a dollar store.

  4. 4.Make them out of air drying clay

  5. 5.Make them out of clay that can be baked in a standard oven.

  6. 6.Cut squares or shapes out of EVA foam.

  7. 7.Draw pictures, or cut out photos of family and friends. Make stands with pieces of paper or bottle caps (cut slits in the pictures and slide them onto the sides of the bottle caps or a small strip of paper folded in a “V.”)

  8. 8.Use magnets if you make the game a magnetic version.

Two ways to make Spinners

  1. 1.Decide how you want to use the spinner in the game to help you decide what to write on the spinner. For example, If you want it as a dice replacement, you may want to have the numbers 1 through 6 in spaces around the spinner.

  2. 2.Make a spinner on the computer and print it out, or draw it by hand.

  3. 2.Glue the spinner to a piece of cardboard, or slip it into a clear plastic folder (100 yen stores sell packs of 10 for 100 yen) Cut the plastic folder to fit the paper.

  4. 3.Poke a hole in the middle of the spinner.

  5. 4.Push a paper clip, safety pin, or cardboard arrow onto a brad (paper fastener--see photo below) and push the brad through the board. Make sure the brad is loose enough for the spinner to spin freely.

How to use it:

Spinners can be adapted to many different games. Two ways to use them: 1)Determine how many spaces to move on a game board, or how many points to earn for correctly answering a question.

Sunday School or Bible Clubs > Crafts > Crafts for Boys > Boardgames to Make > How to Make Boards, Dice, Spinners, and  Playing Pieces

Brads or paper fasteners--make your own out of wire if you can’t buy them locally.