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Creating happy memories for our children is just one of the many fun ways we can help our children grow into well adjusted adults. However, if that is all we do as parents or teachers, we will fail to reach that goal. Let’s face it--we are teaching our kids all day every day--sometimes we do a good job, and sometimes not so good. This website is dedicated to enabling parents and teachers and anyone working with kids to do a better job of instilling the kinds of values that will equip our children to become thriving adults. Parts of the website are about the fun stuff, like creating a magical world for Christmas or birthdays in order to create many fond memories. Other parts of the website help with the nitty gritty side, like how to effectively discipline in the home or classroom. If we are intentional about what we do, we are much more likely to hit the mark than if we randomly live life without thinking about what we are doing or why! Our kids’ futures depend on us--let’s help each other do a better job!

Crafts for Boys

Toys to Make

It’s almost summer and what do you do with energetic boys home from school? Whether you are a desperate parent, or camp counselor, here are some inexpensive craft ideas.

These crafts are not exclusively for boys--girls can make them, too. It’s just that most crafts are geared towards girls, all pink and pretty--things that boys want to have nothing to do with! The crafts bellow have appeal for boys--things they will want to use as soon as they are done making them.

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