Amy’s Free Ideas

Milk Carton Paddle Boat

These really float and move!

  1. 1.Glue the mouth of a milk or juice carton shut. The top of the carton now forms the prow (front)

  2. 2.Cut the side off.

  3. 3. Use the cut off side to form the paddle wheel. Cut it  in half, and fold both pieces in half. Glue them together along the folded edges (with water proof glue.)

  4. 4.Tape 2 dowels (or pencils or chopsticks) to the sides of the carton so they stick out several inches past the bottom of the carton (now the back.)

  5. 5.Stretch a long rubber band or elastic band across the 2 sticks,

  6. 6.Slide the paddle wheel between the rubber bands on the folded edges, not the glued edges.

  7. 7.Rotate the paddle wheel so that the rubber band twists a number of times. Hold the paddlewheel in place, and put the boat on water (like a bathtub full of water.) Let go and watch it paddle away.

  8. 8.If you want to decorate it, be sure to use materials that are water proof, such as acrylic paint, or EVA foam.