Amy’s Free Ideas

Coke 6-pack Father’s Day Card

  1. 1.Cut out colored paper to fit 6 toilet paper tubes--to match what ever soft drink brand Dad drinks a lot.

  2. 2.Draw the details onto the 6 rectangles.  I used labels from plastic 1.5 liter bottles, so there was no drawing necessary. If the label has 2 logos, you can get two “cans” out of one label. If the labels don’t fit all the way around the toilet paper tubes, use colored paper to cover the back side that will be next to the other “cans” anyway, or just leave them bare since you will be gluing the 6 “cans” together.

  3. 3.Write 6 messages of appreciation, roll them up, and slide one into each toilet paper tube.

  4. 4.Since this is meant to be a card, I think it is fine to leave the tops and bottoms uncovered. However, some kids might really object to open “cans.” In that case, cover the tops and bottoms with a bit of tinfoil.

  5. 5.Glue or tape the tops and bottoms onto the tubes.

  6. 6.Tape or glue the labels to the toilet paper tubes. Fastening on the labels after the tops and bottoms have been put on the cans, will cover up the uneven edges of the tinfoil with the labels.

  7. 7.Use glue or double stick tape to fasten the six “cans” together into a 6-pack.

Cut labels from plastic bottles and glue them to the toilet paper tubes. This one has two logos, so it will cover 2 “cans”--just turn the logo so it is going up the side of the can rather than around it.