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Crafts > Crafts for Adults by Season > 15 Paper Christmas Tree Ornaments > “MERRY CHRISTMAS” Paper Cubes

Crafts > Crafts for Adults by Season > 15 Paper Christmas Tree Ornaments > “MERRY CHRISTMAS” Paper Cubes

Front or back, these cubes say “MERRY CHRISTMAS!” Use them as a centerpiece, or put them on a bookshelf or windowsill. They are pretty easy to make--just download the pattern, fold them and cut them. Since they are hollow blocks, it is best to put them where kids can’t reach them. They are made so the “MERRY” blocks are stacked on top of the “CHRISTMAS” blocks, so if you want to put them all in a row, the back side will be out of sequence. This won’t matter as long as the back is not seen, such as on a bookshelf.

1. Fold a sheet of paper in thirds lengthwise. For A4 paper, each third is exactly 7 cm. For U.S. letter size paper, each third is roughly 2 and 7/8ths inches.

Once you get one block folded, you can use it as a guide for folding the next blocks.

2. Fold this folded sheet of paper in half.

  1. 3.Open it one fold, then fold the two ends to the middle fold.

4. Open all the folds so that it is a flat sheet again.

5. Cut all the side folds up to the middle third.

6. Fold it into a cube. These cubes are hollow paper, so they are rather fragile. As long as they are handled with care, they should last a long time.

Fasten the cubes closed with glue or use double stick tape


If you want to store these cubes unfolded, to save storage space, use mounting putty (Funtack or Plastitack or Bluetack) instead of glue. You really only have to fasten the end blocks on each row, since the blocks next to each other will keep the flaps from poking out. This way you can pull each block apart again when you are ready to store it flat in a folder for next year.

Download the pattern for all the blocks. You will have to download all 14 sheets because although some letters repeat, the letters on the back side go in the opposite direction, so each letter combination of front and back is different. Since there are so many letters, and some letters repeat, it can get confusing to figure out which cube goes where. To try to keep this from getting complicated, I have put small green leaves on all the letters spelling “Christmas” on the front side.