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Make a “Dad”  Father’s Day Card

  1. 1.Make a “DAD” pattern by typing the word “DAD” in a large font.

  2. 2.Print out the “DAD” pattern on colored paper. Another option is to print on white paper and use the printed pattern to cut out wrapping paper or the side of a tissue box --materials that can’t be put into your printer.

  3. 3.Cut out the “DAD” letters.

  4. 4. To cut out the holes in the “D’s” and “A,” use a hole punch to get the hole started, then cut out that area with scissors. Another option to get the hole started is with a box cutter, or gently fold each letter and cut on the fold to get the hole started. With the folding method, it is best not to make a crease that will show once you are done cutting.

  5. 5.Glue the “DAD” onto a contrasting background sheet of paper.

  6. 6.Cut around the letters.

  7. 7.Fold the letters in one of the two ways shown above to make the “DAD stand up.

  8. 8.Don’t forget to write a letter of appreciation on the back!

Make the card stand up by folding it accordion style.

Another option is to make both “D’s” fold forward.

The side of an empty tissue box is e a free material to cut out the “DAD”.