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This pretty Mother’s Day centerpiece is free, if you have flowers in your garden. It is relatively inexpensive even if do you buy flowers, because you float one flower in each bowl, so you don’t need very many. If you don’t have glass bowls, you can cut the bottoms off of empty Coke bottles, which look like glass bowls (shown in the photos).

This is also a great way to make centerpieces for ladies’ meetings or church functions, because you can ask everyone to collect empty bottles and cut off the bottoms. Then buy just a few flowers for each table. So next time you have a party, don’t throw away those empty bottles!!

Cut the bottle at the top of where the bottle curves in,  just before it starts to curve wider in the middle. To make cutting easier, find a can or box that is the right height, and hold a marker on the top of this. Turn the bottle next to the marker until the line goes all the way around the bottle. Use a box cutter to cut a slit on the line. Use scissors to cut just below the line so it doesn’t show after the bottle is cut. Once it is cut, smooth out any ragged edges or uneven places with the scissors.

A contrasting colored placemat can make a smaller arrangement take up more space, so the table doesn’t look bare.

If you have enough flowers and bowls, you can decorate each place with one.

Tea lights can add atmosphere. However, put these candles beside the “bowls” and not in  them  because they can melt the plastic.

Use a mix of 1.5 and 2 liter bottles for a more interesting arrangement and to allow for bigger flowers.