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How to make a paper Teepee, and toilet paper tube canoe, pilgrim hat and bonnet, Indian headdress, and Indian Corn

How to make a toilet paper tube canoe

Smash the toilet paper tube flat and cut one folded side. Cut both ends rounded, and cut the middle a quarter inch shorter, coming to a point at each end. Glue both ends. Cut a toothpick to fit in the middle and glue in place. A glue gun works great for this. If you want to make paddles, too, cut 2 paddle shapes out of tan paper for each paddle, and glue the end of a  toothpick between the two shapes. Glue stick works well for this.

How to make a paper Teepee

Fold a sheet letter sized paper in half. Then take the folded side and fold it up to the open side, forming a triangle. Fold the folded edge up to the open edge one more time, and cut the end off along the shortest edge. This will form a half circle, but some of the folds go in, and some go out. Re-fold all the folds so that they all go out. It should now be able to stand alone as a cone.

Open the paper to a half circle again and decorate the outside with markers or crayons. Tape 3 toothpicks to the top edge so they look like poles coming out of the top of the teepee. Fold flaps to form the door, and tape the seam above the door with tape. It should stand on it’s own.

1. Fold paper in half

2. Fold the left folded edge up to the top open edge to form a triangle

3. Fold the left folded edge up to the top open edge again to form an even smaller triangle

4. Cut along the shortest edge (on the back side) and you will have your teepee cut out.

How to make a toilet paper tube bonnet For the bonnet, cut a piece of the toilet paper tube to form a base. Fold a small piece of paper towel to fit over the base-fold the front twice, and fold 2 or 3 pleats in the back. Tape or glue in place. Cut 2 narrow strips and tie a knot, and tape to bonnet.

How to make a toilet paper tube pilgrim hat

There are 2 ways to make these. For both, cut an oval brim from a toilet paper tube. For an easy way, cut a cup from an egg carton for the top of the hat. Glue together and paint black. For a bit more work, cut the shapes shown above to make the top part of the hat.


hat #1

hat #2

If painting the hats seems like too much trouble, cut stiff black paper in the shapes shown above and tape or glue together. Make a buckle by bending a paper clip with the help of 2 pairs of pliers.


hat #3

How to make a toilet paper tube Indian corn

Roll a toilet paper tube or half of a paper towel tube in yellow tissue paper.

Use 3 fingers to stamp colored “kernels” onto the corn cob.

Push the tissue paper into the tube on one end.

Use a ruler to push it back out just enough that it looks round on the end.

Cut a paper lunch bag in half, and cut 3 or 4 “leaves” for the husk from each half.

Twist the corn husk to make it crinkly.

Wrap the husk around the corn.

Fill the tube with Candy Corn and Marshmallow pumpkins, or other candy or nuts.

Tie the ends with curly ribbon. Write a person’s name on the corn cob if you plan to use it as a name card.