Amy’s Free Ideas

  1. Hazlo divertido --asi ellos continuaran regresando

  2. Hazlo simple --asi ello entienden"

  3. Hazlo tangible - asi ellos pueden relacionarlo

  4. Hazlo aplicable -- asi ellos lo ponen en práctica

Nada es más importante que enseañar a los niños acerca de Dios

How to Make this Wooden Nativity Set

  1. 1.Download and print the pattern

  2. 2.Cut the people and animals out of wood or cardboard

  3. 3.Make stands: it can be as simple as drilling a hole for a dowel in the back, or screw small strips of wood on the back with hinges so they can fold flat for storage. For cardboard, tape small strips of wood to the back to act as a hinge.

  4. 4.Paint the figures

  5. 5.Build a barn--a center piece, and 2 side panels that are half the size so they can fold shut. Fasten on with hinges, or glue on leather strips to act as hinges.