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Fold a sheet of colored paper in accordion folds the length of the paper. If the last fold is narrower than the rest of the folds, cut if off.

Optional variation: Use pretty wrapping paper or scrapbooking paper to fold into a fan.

Fold it in half. Write a message on the bottom fold of the card. Or better yet, write things that you appreciate about your mom on each fold on the back. Just be careful to test your pen on a paper scrap to be sure that the ink that doesn’t bleed through to the front.

Glue the middle folds together to make the fan.

Optional variation: If you have written a message on each fold, paperclip the middle folds together instead so that the paperclips can be removed and the messages read easily.

Cut a small rectangle of paper, 4x5 in. (10x14cm). It can be white copier paper or colored paper.

Fold it in half.

Fold the bottom left corner to the middle of the right side.

Fold the lower right corner on top.

Fold the left side behind to match the triangle on the top.

Using the angled edge as a guide, cut a quarter circle to form the tops of the petals.

Open the folded paper to reveal a 5 petal flower. If you want a smaller flower, refold the flower and cut the petals again a little shorter.

Cut one or two leaves out of green paper. If you need a pattern, draw around a spoon. Fold the leaf in half to form the vein.

Glue the flower and leaves to the front of the fan.

Our mothers are our biggest fans--they laugh at our lame jokes, they praise our feeble attempts, and they cheer us on what ever we put our hands to. Why not make a fan shaped Mother’s Day card to thank your biggest fan?

Make a paper flower decoration