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Cut 4 sheets of tissue paper into rectangles that are 3x9 inches (7x23 cm.)

Optional leaf: Cut one or two leaves out of green paper. Fold the leaf in half. If you need a pattern, use the bowl of a spoon to draw a leaf.

Fold the stack of tissue paper in accordion folds about 1/4 inch wide the whole length of the tissue paper.

Wrap florist’s wire around the middle of the folded tissue paper and twist the ends two or three times to hold it in place.

Splay the accordion folds of the tissue paper into a circle.

Pull the first layer of tissue paper up carefully, trying not to tear the paper. Keep pulling each layer up until all 4 layers have been separated. Repeat to make 3 flowers.

To make the optional leaf: separate the two wires--one will be the the stem, the other will support the leaves.

Bend the leaf wire in half.

Put glue on the leaf and fold it over the bent wire. Press to secure.

Cut the end of the second leaf and glue it on over the first leaf.

Hold two flowers together and twist the stems together.

Put the third flower above the other two, and twist the stems together.

Bend the bottom of the stems up toward the flowers.

Cover the wires with florist’s tape: Wrap florist’s tape around the ends of the wires.

Hold one end, and wrap the other end of the florist’s tape tightly from the bottom of the wire “stems.”

Keep wrapping the florist’s tape to the top of the wires near the flowers and back down to the bottom. Tear or cut off any excess tape.

Florist’s tape is sold in most craft stores or florist’s shops, and some dollar stores. Craft sections of discount stores may carry it as well.

Florist’s wire is sold in most craft stores or florist’s shops, and some dollar stores.

Craft sections of discount stores may carry it as well.

Any flexible wire will work for this project

Corsage pins are sold in most craft stores. Long straight pins, can be used as well.

Variation: instead of making corsages, make tiny bouquets of flowers--find a small bottle such as an empty vanilla bottle. Another vase option is to cover a toilet paper tube with wrapping paper. Arrange the flowers evenly so it doesn’t tip over easily. Tie the ribbon around the top of the bottle instead of tying it on the stems.

Back view of the finished corsage

Front view of the finished corsage

Optional: add a bow. Fasten the corsage on with a corsage pin, or straight pin.

Make a paper corsage for your mom that is almost as pretty as a real one, but costs pennies to make. Raid your gift wrap box for tissue paper. If it is wrinkled, use an iron to get rid of the wrinkles. Tissue paper is fragile, so it is a project that is good for 8 year olds and up.

Make the corsage

Make the tissue paper flowers