Amy’s Free Ideas


If a pouch is too hard for the children to make, or the leather is too expensive for each child to make a whole wallet, they could decorate a strip of leather for a bookmark or bracelet with a punched design. Wet the leather, then hammer in a design with a regular screwdriver, which will make a straight line pattern (-) and Philip’s screwdriver, which will make a plus mark (+). Craft stores and toy stores sell leather sets that come with stamps with lots of designs to hammer into the leather.

Make a leather pouch or wallet. It can be a reminder to not follow Judas’ example--to let desires lure them from following Jesus.   If you can’t find leather, make a pouch out of cloth instead.

  1. 1.Cut the leather into a pouch shape--a long rectangle.

  2. 2.punch holes in the sides.

  3. 3.String leather strips though the holes to “sew” the pouches.

  4. 4.Make a latch for keeping the wallet closed. This can be done in several different ways. Sew a button or bead on the wallet, and a tie a loop that is big enough to go over the button onto the flap of the wallet. Another way to make a fastener is to tie a long leather strip through a small hole in the flap, and wrap the strip around the wallet, and tie it. One more option is to make a drawstring--punch holes along the top opening, and push a leather strip through each hole. To close the pouch, pull both ends of the string, and tie in a bow or knot.